We offer Yoga asana ( postures ) classes in English for beginners, intermediate or even long standing practitioners. Also other than asanas we offer an insight to Yogic breathing - Pranayama.
Introduction of various Bhuddhist Meditation techniques & Philosophy. The duration of each class is an hour and a half. It can be tailor made to suit one's requirement. We offer detox programmes & Yoga retreats in house either for a day or for a longer duration


Sanjay and Jasmine are both fun loving Yogi's, friendly, enthusiastic, energetic & dedicated to their practice.

Sanjay is of Indian origin and was living in Colombo. He gave up his career with his family business to pursue the Yogic path.Proficent in several languages & well-travelled. It has been 12 years since he started teaching hatha ( passive ) Yoga. He is dedicated to Bhuddhist path & has been to many retreats in Ashrams/Monasteries in India & Nepal searching for the higher truth. Has met several Enlightened Gurus and also a Vipassana meditator of the Goenka tradition.Qualified to teach Yoga,Pranayama & Meditation.

Jasmine on the other hand is an ex Law student who too gave up her profession to solely focus on Yoga. She teaches the Vivekananda style also Hatha meaning passive. Very passionate in her approach, who integrates Human kinetics with Anatomy. 


  Normally classes are conducted in the morning by 7am or by 4.30pm.One must practice prior to having meals. Preferably to avoid Tea or Coffee too.
  Ideally loose attire should be worn and a cold shower taken prior is highly recommended.
  A disclaimer to be signed prior. Any physical ailments to be brought to the Teacher's notice.
  Either a Male or female teacher can be requested at the time of booking.

Cost – 50 US$ per person (minimum 2 pax)